You're feeling tired, your feet hurt and you're possibly still refunding your breakfast into the toilet bowl every morning. But, you want to go out and do something together that you will actually enjoy before baby arrives.

If this is your first child, it is likely that these will be the last few months that you spend together just the two of you. If there are things you have been talking about doing together, then now is the time!

Whether you want to do something romantic or fun, here are some great ideas for when you're pregnant, sober and still want to be in bed by 9pm!

1. Babymoon or Staycation

Soon, you’ll be celebrating a whole list of 'firsts' with your baby, but for now, take some time to celebrate some of the 'lasts' as a couple. The last time you felt well rested or the last time you actually finished a conversation (haha just kidding!).

But seriously, take this time to truly be with each other before your world changes. Maybe head up the mountains to a cute little cabin and snuggle by the fire. Or if you don't have the time to travel away (or frankly just can't be bothered), then maybe just head into the city and stay at a snazzy hotel with a restaurant on site! You don't necessarily need to drive or fly hours away to create a special weekend together.

If you live around Canberra, check out these places that I have on my own 'child free getaway' list;

2. Re-create your favourite Date

Think back to your favourite date together... Perhaps it's your first date when all the bells and whistles were pulled out in an attempt to swoon? Or maybe it was just the other month and was a simple morning walk with your dog by the river followed by breakfast at the local cafe. Whatever it is, dig deep for that romantic bone in your body and try to recreate that date. Try to do the things you used to do together that made you fall in love with each other in the first place.

3. Movie Night at the Premium Lounge

Reclined back with my feet up, watching the big screen, whilst someone brings me all the food? Yes please!

This is a great night out when I'm not pregnant! But when I'm pregnant with swollen feet and just want to sit down whilst someone brings me cheeseburger spring rolls, pizza and a chocolate dessert? Say no more! Then, just drive me home, roll me into bed and tuck me in! #dreamdate

4. Couples Massage

Okay, so this one is more for her benefit of course, but try to tell me you don't like a massage too!? Head to a nice day spa where they will soak your feet, do a tailored pregnancy massage and then bring you warm tea afterwards. With some luck, you will float out of there feeling like you have some of that energy back that you once used to have. Most day spas will have a 'couples room' with two beds so you can enjoy the relaxing experience together.

5. Live Gig or a Show

Whether it be music, comedy or a performance of some sort, whichever is more your style, this could be a fun night out on the town that doesn't involve going to a bar.

My husband and I went to a Hans Zimmer concert when I was about 36 weeks pregnant and my baby was kicking the whole time - so I reckon he loved it too! Canberra Comedy Festival runs in March annually, so keep an eye out for that.

6. Take a Class

You probably won't have great deal of time for learning new things once baby arrives. You will more likely be going to Playgroup or learning about baby sleep cycles and developmental leaps. So take this time to go learn something new and feed your creative soul a little. Perhaps an art class or cooking class? The Clay Studio in Canberra has great 'wheel throwing' pop-up classes that I have attended myself and can highly recommend!

7. Picnic

Your only issue with this one, is deciding which spot to have the picnic. There are almost too many spots to choose from around Canberra! Picnic by the river? Picnic by the lake? Picnic at the Arboretum at Sunset? Or maybe you will venture out a little further to one of the National Parks? Canberra also has its summer Sunset Cinema in the National Botanical Gardens - just take some comfy fold-out chairs! Step it up another notch and order a grazing platter box to take on your picnic. Check out the links below for Canberras best picnic spots and platter boxes to help you get things sorted;


8. Mocktails

So, maybe you do feel like a night out on the town after all! But you don't want to be served up some disgustingly sweet fruit cordial and tonic water that they have titled a 'mocktail'. Check out a recent blog post by Her Canberra for their top picks on the best Canberra Mocktails and where to find them:

9. Home Date Night

Do one of you love to cook? Maybe you could whip up a storm in the kitchen and have a nice meal together. If you both love to cook, then cook together! Or maybe even have a cooking competition? But, if neither of you like to cook then just order in the best Uber Eats you can get your hands on!

After your main meal, you could create your own 'dessert tasting experience' where you pick a theme and gradually work your way through tasting a bunch of different types of that item and chatting about what you like. For example, ice creams, chocolates, Non-alcoholic drinks, etc.

Then continue the night on with some pre-planned activities of your style...

Perhaps you could challenge each other to a board or video game? You could get crafty and do something creative together, like painting. If you're married, you could go through your wedding photos/video (or maybe even older photos from your younger years - that's usually a good laugh!). Then, once you've had enough of all that, chuck on a movie and snuggle up on the couch.

10. Maternity Photos

Whether it's the first baby or fourth, this is such an incredible time that deserves to be documented. On your own, with your partner, or with your children. You might not think that it's worth it, or perhaps you don't feel like being photographed because you don't feel or look yourself. But, I promise you that you won't regret it. Capture it. If not for you, then for them.

Maternity photos are my absolute favourite to photograph, followed closely by newborn sessions. Check out some of my typical maternity photos below and if it's something you're interested in, send me a message and we can chat about what your session could look like.

Thanks for reading! If you have any more questions or just want to chat about booking a session, hit the contact button below.