So, where do you want your session?

At the end of the day, it really doesn't matter where we take your photos. Great photos can be achieved in almost any location, as long as there is good natural light. However, why not take this opportunity to experience a beautiful location during your session and give yourself the space to really slow down and take in this moment in time.

We can take a walk through the woods, venture to the top of the hills or explore some of the many other beautiful locations in Canberra and surrounds.

Queanbeyan West

Wide open grassy fields, native gums and views out to the hills as the sun sets behind them.

Just 20 minutes from Canberra CBD, 15 minutes from Googong.


At the edge of Googong. Views to the hills, long golden grass and a tranquil, rocky creek.

Located 30 minutes from Canberra CBD.

Cooleman Ridge Nature Reserve

Golden sunsets over the ranges, long grass and large boulders create a stunning backdrop for your photos.

20 minutes south of Canberra CBD, 35 minutes from Googong.

Himalayan Cedars

Nestled in amongst the National Arboretum lies this little forest of cedar trees. Walk amongst the trees then watch the sunset over the ranges.

Just 10 minutes from Canberra CBD, 35 minutes from Googong.

Lake Burley Griffin

Do you want some photos amongst tall gum trees and grass but also want some water photos? Well, we can do both! Next to Lake Burley Griffin, this location is stunning and will give you lots of variety.

5 minutes from Canberra CBD.

Pialligo Redwood Forest

Walk underneath the shade of the old redwoods and take a stroll out to the grass fields. If you require a session earlier than sunset, this is a great option.

Near the airport, just 10 minutes from Canberra CBD, 20 minutes from Googong.

Mother and toddler daughter walking outside in forest

Googong Dam

Beautiful views overlooking the water, as well as grassy areas amongst the native trees.

Just 5 minutes from Googong, 30 minutes from Canberra CBD.

Dairy Farmers Hill

Expansive views over the National Arboretum, plenty of trees, as well as a stunning sunset.

Just 10 minutes from Canberra CBD, 35 minutes from Googong.

Majura Park Nature Reserve

There are plenty of walking tracks to explore within the reserve, including Clancy's Walking Track, accessed from within the suburb of Watson. You'll mostly find natural walking trails meandering through the array of native trees. The kids can collect rocks, listen for kookaburras and spot the kangaroo!

Just 10 minutes from Canberra CBD.

Bicentennial Park

On top of the hill at Bicentennial Park in Queanbeyan lies a native tree oasis, with wide open spaces, long golden grass and a stunning sunset to top it off.

25 minutes from Canberra CBD, 10 minutes from Googong.

Native gum trees and grasses at Bicentennial Park Queanbeyan Canberra
Native trees and grasses at Bicentennial Park Queanbeyan Canberra
Native gum trees and golden grass at Bicentennial Park Queanbeyan Canberra

The Cascades

Take a short walk down to The Cascades, part of the Queanbeyan River, just north of Googong Dam. The walk down is mostly pathed, with some rocky areas as you approach the water. You might even dip your toes in...

30 minutes from Canberra CBD, 5 minute drive from Googong.

Pregnant woman in white lace gown standing on cliff rocks near water at sunset
Pregnant woman in white lace gown standing on rocks in front of cliff face at blue hour

In Your Home

Sometimes, the best location for your photo session is in the comfort of your own home. Not only will this give you some more flexibility with your session start time, but your photos will hold another layer of nostalgia being wrapped within the walls of your home; your memories.

Lifestyle sessions will help your children to feel relaxed and safe in their environment and allow your story to be documented in a more natural and authentic way.

Still not sure?

If you need more help deciding, I am more than happy to discuss locations with you further or send you some more photos.

Of course, if you have any ideas of your own, I am always up for trying new locations!

If you have decided, let me know your choice and we will discuss any further details regarding your session.